Montreal Has A New Thai Paradise!


Siam opened last month in downtown hotel Le Crystal. It's actually their second location as most people know them from Dix30 -- too far for this one 🙋 They organized one hell of a dinner party which gave us the chance to sample most of the menu and see what the two-level restaurant looked like.

The location has plenty of comfortable seats and also a beautiful terrace that's perfect for this summer!

What's more important is that the food is ON POINT. I was just in Bangkok back in March and I had the chance to sample the true flavours of Thailand. Fun fact, Pad Thai has nothing to do with Thailand and they only serve it to please tourists.

Frankly, I loved every single dish I tasted! My biggest surprise was the Beef in Panang Curry (seen in the black pot), something I wouldn't think of ordering but blew my mind.

The desserts were not an afterthought either. The mango sticky rice brought me back to South East Asia right away <3


I guess I'm on a roll with downtown Montreal restaurant recommendations, eh! I really can't wait to get back to Siam, which I'm planning to in July. Check it out for a 5 à 7 outside or a full meal while you're around.

The cover photo & restaurant photo are both from Patrice Didier.